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Discover the neuroscience of magic


Here’s the big secret magicians having been keeping under their (top) hats:

They don’t fool you, you fool yourself.

Or, to be more accurate, your brain fools you.

Deceptology isn’t just a magic show; it's an extraordinary journey into the psychological and neuroscientific principles that make illusions possible.

Students will have their brains hacked by principles including:

Change blindness
Gestalt pattern perception
The motion aftereffect
Memory errors
Visual stimuli processing errors

Created in cooperation with psychologists and neuroscientists from around the world, Deceptology is part magic show, part exposé and part psychology lesson.

Special thank to The Martinez-Conde Laboratory, Centre for Excellence For Integrative Brain Function, Monash University and Swinburne University for their assistance in the development of Deceptology.

"In a one hour show a magician like Nicholas can do more to explain how scientists think and work than a lot of public lectures I have been to."

- Helen Gardiner, University of Melbourne

Boring stuff

(that's actually kind of important)

Age: Years 7-10

​Length: 60 minutes

​Curriculum Links:
General Capabilities
Critical and Creative Thinking
Science As Human Endeavour

Yr 7  - ACSHE119
Yr 8 -  ACSHE134
Yr 9 -   ACSHE160
Yr 10 - ACSHE162

​Science Inquiry Skills
Yr 7 -  ACSIS124
Yr 8 -  ACSIS139
Yr 9 - ACSIS164
Yr 10 - ACSIS164

$850+GST per show up to 100 students. For groups over 100, $8.50+GST per additional student.

Discounts apply for low socio-economic schools. Contact Nicholas for more information

​Tech Requirements: Data Projector with HDMI input

2022 The Bad Science Show - School Shows & School Incursions in Melbourne Sydney and Canberra.

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