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Scam protection for UNgullible people

The Scam Show

Who's the largest growing group of scam victims in Australia?

Little old ladies?


Nope, it's people under the age of 25.

While they are tech savvy, the swindlers are savvier, adapting to new technologies faster than users can learn about the scams.

How can they protect themselves from scams that don't even exist yet?

The Scam Show is a 60 minute break down of how scams work, why we fall for them, and the red flags young people need to watch out for.

Students will learn why:

• How to tell the difference between a bargain and a to-good-to-be-true swindle.
• Why saying NO is so hard to do and how con artists take advantage of it.
• Why there's no such thing as a suck.
• Why everything your parents told you about passwords is wrong.

Branded "the honest con man" by the Australian media, Nicholas has written two books on the subject, appear on dozens of TV shows as an expert on scams, and is the host of the popular podcast "Scamapalooza."

The Scam Show will have students thinking like a con artists while keeping them safe online.

“There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight-of-hand gets out of hand)”

– Canberra Times

Boring stuff

(that's actually kind of important)

Age: 12+

Length: 60 minutes plus Q&A

​Technical Requirements: Data projector with HDMI input, table and chair.

Price: $850 plus GST per show for up to 100 students. Additional students are charged at $8.50 plus GST.

​Curriculum Links:
General Capabilities
Critical and Creative Thinking
Digital Technologies

Yr 7 – ACSHE119
Yr 8 – ACSHE134
Yr 9 – ACSHE160
Yr 10 – ACSHE162

2022 The Bad Science Show - School Shows & School Incursions in Melbourne Sydney and Canberra.

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