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  • Nicholas J Johnson

Episode 16 – Scam School with Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood is the ultimate drinking buddy. A king of bar magic, propositional wagers and short cons. Since 2008, Brian has been sharing the tricks of social engineering, bar bets and close up magic in his uber-popular series Scam School. Every high school I visit, I have at least one budding magician ask me: “Hey, you know Brian Brushwood from Scam School?”

Brian also co-hosts four other podcasts, has written six books and performs bizarre magic and sideshow stunts at universities across America jamming nails into his face and into his eyes.

On this week’s episode, Brian sits down and explains the key to a good bar room hustle, the history of Scam School and ethics of teaching the secrets of magic to millions of people online and for free.

Under his wild onscreen personality, Brian is a thoughtful, generous and well-read guy and our chat covers everything from ethics in magic to game theory to advanced mathematics.

Think you know Brian Brushwood? Wanna bet?


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