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  • Nicholas J Johnson

Episode 20 – Sucker with Lawrence Leung

On a cold wet Scottish night over five years ago at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I had a quiet drink with comedian Lawrence Leung in a small pub just off the Royal mile. Lawrence told me about his attempts to write a feature film based on his one man show, Sucker and I talked about the book I was writing, Chasing The Ace. Half a decade later and Chasing The Ace is in all good bookstores (shameless self promotion be damned) and Sucker is showing at cinemas around Australia.

On this week’s Scamapalooza, Lawrence and I sit down to discuss how he turned a sixty-minute one-man show into a fully fledged feature film starring John Luc (youtube’s MyChonny) as Lawrence, a teenager who falls in with The Professor (Timothy Spall) an old school con man, and his daughter Sarah (Lily Sullivan).

Tuesday 1st December HOYTS EASTLAND (VIC)

Wednesday 2nd December HOYTS MELBOURNE CENTRAL (VIC)

Thursday 3rd December HOYTS BROADWAY (NSW)

Friday 4th December HOYTS BLACKTOWN (NSW)

Saturday 5th December HOYTS STAFFORD (QLD)

Monday 7th December HOYTS CAROUSEL (WA)

Tuesday 8th December HOYTS GARDEN CITY (WA)

Wednesday 9th December HOYTS TEA TREEE PLAZA (SA)

Nicholas J. Johnson is a Melbourne magician, author and collector scams.


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