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  • Nicholas J. Johnson

Scamapalooza 53: Card Shark with Nicolaï Troshinsky

Why have there not been more video games about card cheating?

I remember playing Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist as a kid and thinking that the stage of the game where you have to catch the Wheaton “Aces” Hall cheating was the best bit.

Why couldn’t that be the whole game?

Game designer and illustrator Nicolaï Troshinsky has taken up the challenge with Card Shark, a new game in which players have to lie, cheat, and swindle their way through 17th-century French society with nothing but a deck of cards and their wits to survive.

On this episode of Scamapalooza, I talk to Nicolai about the inspirations for this unique game and the challenges he and the team of developers at Nerial faced in bringing it to life.

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