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2014 The Bad Science Show - Melbourne School Shows & School Incursions


Young people are getting bamboozled and they know it: 


  • 56% of young people have been swindled by con artists.*

  • 44% of students aren’t confident they can spot fake news.*

  • 1 in 4 teenagers don't question the validity of websites when visiting for the first time.​*

It isn't that young people are gullible.


Nor do they lack the skills to detect deception and think critically.


They're just not inspired to apply the skills of the classroom to the world around them.

Critical thinking is like exercise: knowing how to go for a run won't get you off the couch!


Research has shown again and again that students need to be exposed to critical thinking across and outside of the curriculum.*


And, above all else, they need to be motivated.


It doesn't matter how much students know if you're not inspired to put those ideas in practice.

That's where Nicholas J. Johnson comes in.

His mission is to help high school teachers inspire their students to think critically, by creating memorable shows that connect critical thinking messages to real-life scenarios.

Learning to think critically should be fun and stimulating, and seeking the truth is best done together, without judgment.


Nicholas J. Johnson | School Incursions
Nicholas J. Johnson | Melbourne School Incursions
Nicholas J. Johnson | School Incursions
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