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  • Nicholas J. Johnson

The Best Illusion Of The Year

The Best Illusion of The Year contest was recently held by the Neural Correlate Society.

The contest is a chance for scientists, magicians and puzzlers to create new optical illusions to blow minds around the world.

In the past, they've feature balls that roll upwards, baffling garage roofs, and an optical illusion that fooled me so hard, I ended up in the Daily Mail

This year, my nemesis/buddy Matt Pritchard was the winner:

Second place went to Michael A. Cohen's Changing Room Illusion. Cohen's illusion takes the concept of change blindness to a whole new level.

Third place went to Dawei Bai & Brent Strickland's Double Ring Illusion. Less flashy, than the other two illusions, Bai and Strickland's illusion raises serious questions about how we perceive motion and rotation.

You can see all the entries on the contest's website.


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