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  • Nicholas J. Johnson

Scamapalooza 55: Science Magic with Dr Matt Pritchard

If you know me then you’ll know that my nemesis is magician and science communicator Dr Matt Pritchard.

For the last few years, this evil genius has been creating impenetrable optical illusions on social media.

A toy elephant vanishes in a split second in impossible circumstances.

A Lego pirate ship appears in a clear glass bowl.

A bike helmet is suddenly filled with coloured balls.

Unlike other online magicians, Matt uses almost entirely unique methods that have baffled the most experienced magicians. There are no edits, no CGI, and no hidden assistants behind the scenes.

His videos stand up to close scrutiny and multiple views with only a handful being exposed by keen-eyed observers.

In this episode of Scamapalooza, I talk to Matt about how he creates his illusions, why they work, and how science magicians like him promote critical thinking.

If you’re in the UK, check out to have him visit your school.


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