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  • Nicholas J Johnson

The Melbourne Magic Festival is dead! Long live Sleight Night

So the Melbourne Magic Festival is over for another year. But here you are, a magic junkie jonesing for your next fix of the impossible.

Well never fear, Nicholas J. Johnson, your local dealer (of cards) is here with four extraordinary magicians ready to blow your minds at Sleight Night on 15 August at The Laneway Theatre

VYOM SHARMA – An Australia’s Got Talent finalist with a keen eye for extraordinary magic and mind-twisting mentalism, Vyom Sharma is one of the countries top illusionists.

DOM CHAMBERS – Over 20,000,000 views on Facebook and fresh from his appearance on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Dom has some incredible new tricks up his sleeves.

LEE COHEN – One of the leading figures in the Melbourne magic scene, Lee is a second generation magician who…OH TO HELL WITH IT! SHE HAS A BUNNY!

MR MARMALADE – Sell out crowds out Melbourne Magic Festival? Check. Masterful sleight of hand? Check. Multi-award winning facial hair? Check and check!

Check out some of the highlights for our run at the festival below including the show that had to be moved on to the street because the fire alarm went off, the most expressive volunteer ever and a one in a million shot with a pair of tossed playing cards.


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