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  • Nicholas J Johnson

Welcome To 2016

Scamapalooza returns this week with a miniepisode that, while it doesn’t have a guest, is packed full of news, stories and the tired ramblings of a man desperately trying to cope with the new year. As promised, here is a link to all the stories, movies and tales I mentioned.

You can find a list of all of the top episodes of the year here.

The curious case of the sand dog swindle is outlined in the Daily Mail  here. It’s not a scam, so stop asking me to cover it Tim.

You can read about The Little Golden Calf here. Would I be crossing the Rubicon of pretentiousness if I covered it on the podcast? Is the phrase “Rubicon of pretentiousness” pretenious?

We’re covering F is for Fake on an upcoming episode with Simon Caterson. If you watch the film before the episode, you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more.

And finally, there is a trailer for Now You See Me 2. The addition of Daniel Radcliffe brings a little self deprecating wink to the movie that looks charming. But we’ll see.

Nicholas J. Johnson is a Melbourne magician, author, entertainer and collector of scams.


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