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  • Nicholas J Johnson

Where To Learn The Three Disk Monte

Three Disk Monte is one of the most popular street scams and confidence games in the world. And yet, little had been written about this amazing scam.

Until, in 2011, Rob Mond produced an incredible documentary about the scam called simply Three Disk Monte.

Rob spent several weeks interviewing and having me recreate the classic scam for the cameras.

I’m happy to be able to announce the documentary is back on sale.

In the film you not only discover the sleight of hand that makes this scam possible but also witness never before seen footage of the game being played on the streets of Paris, Stockholm, London and Melbourne.

The DVD release also comes with a set of genuine disks based on the design used by European swindlers on the streets today. *Designed by french con artist “Alban” over a forty year period, the disks are the perfect weight for tossing.

Three Disk Monte is the ideal tool for law enforcement, entertainers and anyone with interest in the world of the con artist.

Whether you call it bonneteau, Hungarian monte or alba neagra, there is no denying the power of this game.

WARNING: While magicians and sleight of hand artists will enjoy this documentary and the included disks, this is NOT a magic trick. The disks you are provided with are the genuine disks and not a magician’s prop.

$80USD – including shipping worldwide

*By “designed” I am pretty sure he stole other people’s concepts and put them into his own disks and claimed he created them. He’s a shifty guy.


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